AT A Glance

  1. Easy to fit
  2. Can be attached to plasterboard/gyproc (video available here)
  3. Can be placed directly on or behind plasterboard
  4. Super clear glass
  5. LED lighting available with 16 million colour combinations - create the ultimate atmosphere
  6. Can be bought with or without lighting
  7. Lights only the edges of the shelf
  8. Shelving up to 4 metres long
  9. Standard length of 1 metre
  10. Can take up to 75kg per metre length


The Auro illuminated shelf is a minimalistic glass shelf with a highly modern design. One of Levitas' latest creations. This innovative shelving illuminates just the edge of the shelf with over 16 million colours to choose from. The Auro shelf is available up to 4 metres or 13ft and is easily and quickly attached to any wall - even plasterboard walls. The Auro can be supplied with specially toughened super clear glass or child safe perspex. Ideal for bars, game rooms, bedrooms, music systems, books and much more.  Typically we sell our product in  1 metre lengths including the support, glass and end caps to finish off the look.

Our shelving features tempered glass as standard but perspex can be ordered by special request. While most tempered glass has a strong green colour (Caused by a high iron content), the glass we use is practically clear while maintaining its strength. This means that light transmission is increased and any colour distortion is greatly reduced. In combination with our LED colour strips it means any chosen hue is not muddied by additional colours within the glass itself. Allowing the buyer to create the ultimate atmosphere in their chosen room.

When designing our shelving we wanted to create something minimalistic yet high impact. We believe that we have amalgamated both styles seamlessly with our method of lighting the edges of the glass. The edges of the glass shelves are frosted while the remainder is left crystal clear, this causes the led lighting strip from the back of the shelving to diffuse across the frosted edges, giving a seamless glow to the frosted areas.


This combination of minimalism and impact creates a highly unique, contemporary look which will keep a room light and airy while also acting  as a feature point.